An advanced co-living campus welcoming the purpose driven rebels, artists and lovers of the world to create a new type of magic together.

A place dedicated to the transcendence of the individual, the collective, and humanity as a whole.
A catalyst environment where we can truly feel connected and enabled through our lives and work.

The physical manifestation of the purest parts of our online world. A new type of society. A new game.

Powered by the latest tech, run by our human nature. A prototype society harnessing the power within and between us.

Created as a beacon, not an escape.

This is not a retreat from the world. This is our plan B for humanity.

Space to refocus your compass, gather the plans, draw in the knowledge of the crowd, and launch with the energy of those that believe in all you can be.

In symbiosis with its surroundings, we build a resilient community prepared for whatever future lies ahead. We rail against consumerism but accept the world for where it is today, primed in its position for cultural evolution. Ready for the new dawn we hope to bring.

As a world embraces remote work, we draw out social dynamics of city life and embed them into wholesome and natural space. Facilitating and progressing the meeting of minds through tech and ritual.
Embedded in a welcoming and supportive family of friends, you can fill your day with focus or online discussion, coming back to the roots of community once your done.

Curated for your kind, join us in communal self discovery with a trusted personal network. Look no further for the people you were looking for all along.

A real alternative. The workshop exponential.

Banding together we establish a state of play where every toy and tool is at our fingertips. A curated community with frameworks for trust opens access to a wide range of communally owned equipment across multiple adjacent disciplines.

Cameras and equipment, 3D printers and VR headsets, DJ decks and projectors. All within our reach to create without bounds.
Hosting a variety of disciplines allows a multitude of creativity to emerge. Where an idea on monday becomes a prototype by friday.

Bringing our skillsets and needs together gives us access to more than we could imagine. Nothing wasted and everything used, a true sharing economy is born here where our gifts to the community bring us experiences and bonds beyond measure.

And as our projects of the remix house evolve, we leverage the strategy and storytelling to share them with the world.

When we have all we really need, supported in all we do, we can be free to give to our highest cause. This is a place for your true and extensive self. no more boxes. From here you can go anywhere.

Curated and expanded through science, tech and exploration.

We live in an abundant age of information. Knowledge and insight from the greatest thinkers of our age transverses the boundaries of space and time expediting the disruption of legacy education.

Self directed learning can be paired to real world projects or with others on complimentary courses. Giving the chance for shared learning and collaborative projects to build from an intrinsic motivation.
Here we show the incredible power of what that can do when combined with an equitable living model.

We go here with a transparent approach to ownership, allowing those that create and believe in this new game a way to play it for the long run.
Standing on the shoulders of what came before, we go here to innovate on a new frontier of social technology.

We go here to change the fundamentals.
We go here to be vulnerable in our humanity.
We go here to live.