Find your tribe
Escape the city
Feel The possibility

Find your tribE
Escape the city
Feel The possibility

Find your tribe
Escape the city
Build true community

Find your tribe
Escape the city
Build True community

A temporary remote village of value-aligned creators, thinkers and change-makers.





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A community-building event series for networked co-living.

We pair you with like-minded people for a taste of real connection.
Supporting the ambitious and purpose-driven among us, hungry for alternatives.

How it works

A journey in online events to find your people

Spatially driven platforms enable serendipity in community building.
Paired with 1 on 1 calls before group hangouts, we explore the resonance between us.

A social experience right from the start, allowing you to build new natural relationships online into the physical.

Holistic, contextual curation, supported by tech.

Find future friends and collaborators through a series of social interactions based on your inputs.

Hybrid human/tech methods of people curation are defined through creative forms of feedback.
Co-creating the dynamics from your values and intentions.

Space to escape, with nature to explore.

Based on the preferences of the cluster we handpick homes close to natural beauty well suited for remote work. 

Crisp morning runs, campfires, stars and space to roam.
Come see whats been here all along.

Extended but protected

Depending on local covid regulations and personal preferences, this concept allows for each home to act as it's own bubble.
Expanding over time to the other homes in your cluster.

A place to reflect on your experiences of the world right now, in community.

15 spaces now available.

Prices between £640-790 for 3 weeks.

Share to find the others in your network.

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